Mattisse Eyewear

The Mattisse collection combines outstanding colors with contemporary styles.


Frames inspired by legendary artists are designed in the US and hand painted in Italy. The frames are protected by a NEW state of the art laminate process that extends the long life of this unique product.

All frame are created by the husband and wife duo, Samuel and Meryl Tomashover. Meryl creates the designs and Sam produces.

Meryl: "I'm influenced by museums, library books, fabrics and colours. One frame is inspired by Mondrian has yellows, reds and blacks". 

The company's name comes from Meryl's favourite artist, Henri Matisse. 

Meryl: "Matisse is my favourite artist and it was his use of colour that first inspired me. The extra letter 't' in its name is intentional - we did not one to pretend that we're an actual Matisse painting on eyewear!"