Ronit Fürst Eyewear

As an avid eyewear collector and a prescription eyewear user since childhood, Ronit was constantly looking for her next frame, but it was the turn of a century and she felt she needed something really special. Failing to find a frame that would satisfy her mood for renewal, she decided to paint on one of her existing frames! 


The result was exactly what she has been looking for, a colorful, lively and super original piece of eyewear. In a way, this one self-made hand painted frame changed her life. The feedbacks from friends, relatives and more unexpectedly complete strangers were overwhelming. People were constantly stopping her in the street to compliment and to ask where she bought her glasses, and in January 2002, the company Art Optic Ltd was established – the proud manufacturer of Ronit Furst hand painted eyewear!

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