What Do Your Eyeglasses Say About Your Personality?

Eyeglasses can serve various purposes:

  1. Wear as a prescription to aid a specific vision correction

  2. A preventative purpose for certain eye conditions that might develop later

  3. Expression of style or to accessorise

Whatever the reason might be, there are A LOT of options out there and all you need to do is visit your local optical store to check out the latest and trendiest eyewear available to answer your needs!

But, DID YOU KNOW that your eyeglasses also give a hint on the type of personality that you have? The size, colour, shape and style of your chosen pairs send cues and messages to other people.

Getting to know more about the choices of different personality groups might just help. Let’s go!

1) The Bold and Creative

This personality type brings upon daring specs with edgy and unique designs. You are not shy to play with different eyewear styles. Sometimes you may even experiment with two or more different frames to match different outfits for different occasions!

Modern, bold, large frames with unusual prints and colours are your style. You like to completely diverge from the current trends and find what is special and unique to represent your fun personality. COLOUR and PATTERNS is key to being ultimately DIFFERENT from anyone else.

Some of the eyewear brands featured below may best suit your style!

2) The Smart and Experienced

As a professional you want to be viewed as smart whilst seeking a classy, yet elegant style. Typically, you gear towards deep brown to black frames for men and burgundy to nude for women.

You tend to still have an interesting personality which is why you also like eyewear with different shapes - like panto/round frames for men and cat-eye designs for women. A balance between colour and shape allow you to achieve this professional yet stylish look. Modernism and sophistication is key.

Check out these styles below which are distinctive to you!

  • Just Eyewear

  • JF Rey

  • Calvin Klein

3) The Formal and Elegant

At first glance you give off a formal vibe, adding emphasis to your business-like personality. The eyewear that you choose are elegant, sleek, and sophisticated – not too loud, minimal prints and are usually in black, tortoiseshell or gold. You often choose function over style – does it frame your face well? Is it too narrow or too wide? Is it too tight? Are they too heavy or nice and light? Many of these options stem from rectangular, round or panto shapes.

4) The Simple, Happy and Carefree

If you are turning towards frames which feature simplicity in colour and lightness in weight, you probably reflect a carefree spirit. Loud, outlandish colours or non-traditional shapes are not your cup of tea. But you like subtle accents such as small patterns or a combination of matte and shiny finishes. For a more fun ‘everyday’ look, try combining a simple front frame with a hint of colour in the frame’s temples!

  • Etnia Barcelona

  • Guess

  • Lafont

5) The Sporty, Busy and Active

Again, functionality wins for people who are always very active. You enjoy playing sports, outdoor activities, or you are simply always on the go because of work with an active lifestyle. If you want to be aligned with this personality group, then choose frames that have fitting nose bridges or pads so that your eyeglasses are sure to stay in place as you go. You may also look for frames that are lightweight, preferably sweat and heat resistant with a polarised lens coating. Combine functionality with aesthetics by choosing a frame that suits your active lifestyle and style needs!

Are you able to align your personality with any of the eyeglasses mentioned above? If not, don’t stress, we are here! The reason behind this is that your own personality might be a mix of two or more personality types. Most people now own a set of eyeglasses to wear on different occasions.

If you are still wondering what type of eyewear will best suit your personality, have a visit to Piccadilly Eyewear and our qualified optical assistants will be happy to assist you with choosing the one that is right for you!

Call (02) 9264 7188 to book an eyewear style consultation with us. You may also send us your message at piceyewear6@gmail.com.

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