8 Huge Upcoming Eyewear Trends in 2018

With the 2018 round the corner, there is certainly no stopping new EYEWEAR TRENDS from capturing the eyes and the attention of avid eyewear fanatics out there. For many, the new year signals an opportunity to reinvent their style or to accentuate their look a little bit more. If eyeglasses can help them achieve those then, they are in for the ride!

Are you ready to find out what upcoming eyewear trends will hit the next few months? Better stay tuned as this might be your ticket to a stylish new you this 2018...

1. 80s Flashback

80s’ style made a huge comeback this year and many fashion enthusiasts predict that it will be staying a bit longer.

What came out from the 80s are eyewear with bizarre designs and loud, vibrant colours. The shapes of the frames may range from oblong to trapezoidal, while the lenses are usually tinted. The 80s also featured big-eyed eyeglasses and sunglasses. For ladies, cat-eyed designs are going to be a hit, most especially those with embellished frames.

2. Thin and Lightweight

People are increasingly being mobile meaning every accessory has to be light, comfortable, and simple. Things that we bring with us must be easy to carry or wear. This includes phones, bags, even eyewear. Eyewear designers are then expected to answer this need by releasing eyewear designs that are lightweight – light metal or acetate frames and thin lenses. This look simple and minimalistic look will definitely be on trend for 2018.

3. Double Bridges

There is no questioning this eyewear trend. Celebrities are fond of wearing double-bridged eyeglasses and sunglasses because other than functionality, the extra bridge between the frames add another design element into the whole piece. Sleek and simple yet fashionable. What’s best is that this fabulous design suits both men and women!

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4. Coloured Lenses

As previously mentioned, the market is generally more experimental nowadays so there is a massive demand for lenses with colours. Sometimes, the colours are non-traditional like aqua, rose pink, purple, orange, even fluorescent coloured lenses. There may even be requests to have 2 tones in each lens!

5. Futuristic

Eyewear designers are also experimenting with what they call, "fashion-forward" designs. Some are a bit quirky and are obviously non-traditional. They are absolutely attention-grabbing pieces and are perfect for those who are seeking to stand out and make a fashion statement. Try looking at this!

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6. Creative Frame Patterns and New Materials

Are you the type of person who is willing to inject creativity and colour into your style? Eyewear designers are quick to answer by coming up with frames with creative patterns even using new materials such as bamboo, ultra-light stainless steel coated with silicone rubber, hypoallergenic frames, even plastics made of castor oil, an ingredient used in making soaps!

7. Blinkers

Blinkers give that extra shield against light that might pass through the sides or top of your eyeglasses or sunglasses. If you are a fan, 2018 is expected to give you lots of stylish options to choose from – frame colour, materials, and design. This trend will more likely to come by around summer.

8. Pantone Colour of the Year

Ultra-Violet is the official colour of 2018. According to Pantone, Ultra Violet communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future. If you are feeling that vibe then let the colour of the year guide you in choosing your eyewear when it comes to the colour of the frames or of your lenses.

Have we missed anything? We would love to know other eyewear trend forecasts from you. If you think there are more that will make it big this 2018, feel free to write your comments below!

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Thanks a lot and we will be back with more interesting topics for you. Contact Piccadilly Eyewear for all of your eye care needs. Until next time!

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