Most Loved Eyewear Brands in 2017

Tell you what, eyewear lovers and fashion enthusiasts! We know that you have already started trend spotting for the BEST EYEWEAR for 2018. You are already wondering what styles will be the top pick of other people like you!

that might influence your choice? If you are going to ask us, review the event, theme, or social movement? Are there any specific colour are you looking at in order to predict a trend? Is it FACTORSWhat STYLES that made it BIG in 2017 first then you’ll know where designers will be taking off. Top brands are the best ones that are able to popularize a style so you need to refresh your memory on which ones were able to release the biggest and hottest eyewear trends in 2017.

Let us take a short trip down memory lane. Here again are the most LOVED EYEWEAR BRANDS of 2017:

1. Maui Jim

2017 was all about living healthy and becoming health-conscious. That is why the market went with brands that offer protection against illnesses. One of these brands is Maui Jim, maker of hip and stylish sunglasses that are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation in the US. Maui Jim sunglasses are effective in protecting the eyes and the skin surrounding the eyes against harmful UV rays. These sunglasses have lenses that use PolarizedPlus2 technology which means they are able to eliminate 99.9% glare and is able to enhance colour and contrast whilst blocking UVA and UVB radiation. Maui Jim sunglasses are perfect this summer and you can view their latest designs from HERE.

2. Ronit Fürst

The market went experimental and this trend was heavily influenced by millennials who are all about exhibiting creativity and boldness. This trend surfaced in the choice of lenses and frames as well. Hence, eyeglasses with either coloured lenses became a hit. Tinted lens came in pink, orange, yellow, and blue while frames came in crazy prints and textures. There is no stopping this trend from making it to the fashion scene next year so you might want to try out Ronit Fürst eyewear too! HERE are some of the designs that you might like!

3. Coco Song

Cat-eye shapes, embellished, unique prints and designs, even non-traditional materials. These are the qualities that women followed in 2017 when it comes to choosing the frames for their eyeglasses. And this is just about what Coco Song has been providing the market ever since – carefully handcrafted frames by skilful artisans, made from the most unusual materials to give that modern, bold, colourful, and unique eyewear frame designs.

Tiny details such as ferns, gems, feathers and dragon embellishments give that extra feminine touch that is why Coco Song is a FAVOURITE ladies’ brand. These types of frames may still continue making waves in 2018. We have several Coco Song eyewear designs in stock and you may view them in advance HERE.

4. Tom Ford

Professionals and business people are not one to be caught in major fashion faux pass. They are now fashion-conscious and they have been making a STATEMENT through their accessories like the eyewear that they at work. The formal and the elegant went with thin, clear and light lenses and frames. Tom Ford is one brand that you can trust when it comes to glamour and trendy. 2018 will be seeing more of this style. Tom Ford eyewear are also AVAILABLE from our optical store.

5. Porsche Design

Aviator sunglasses have been consistently making it BIG IN FASHION every year. Men and women are donning aviator sunglasses on and off the summer season. Porche Design have a fantastic range of aviator sunglasses, perfect for this time of the year most especially when going out to the beach!

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