5 Trendy Prescription Sunglasses for Summer

SUMMER can make some people feel fashionably awkward... And you know what? Wearers of prescription glasses are usually the first to worry. But prescription glasses don’t have to be dull and boring! And wearing them doesn’t have to mean that you have a bad sense of style!

Prescription glasses are meant to correct or aid you with your vision issues. They are notoriously known to have those thick lenses and large frames. Luckily for us, there are HEAPS OF CHOICES now and you wouldn’t be left without the perfect one to pair with your summer ensemble. Here are 5 prescription glasses that are IN STYLE NOW!

1. JF Rey/BOZ Eyewear

Featured: BOZ 'Dis Donc' Sunglasses - AVAILABLE at Piccadilly Eyewear

If you have a flair for BRIGHT colours and HIP prints, you don’t need to look anywhere else. J.F. Rey’s Boz Eyewear collection has frames with INTENSE colours and unique designs like animal and plant prints. If you are trying to avoid large and heavy eyeglasses, J.F. Rey’s pieces are lightweight and comfortable to wear!

Featured: BOZ 'Verone' Sunglasses - AVAILABLE at Piccadilly Eyewear

2. Roberto Cavalli

Many of Roberto Cavalli's eyewear creations are very apt for women who are into comfort and relaxed styles this summer. Pair your Roberto Cavalli sunglasses with comfortable maxi dress, summer skirts, relaxed pants, jewelled sandals, or any other soft and comfy outfit and you will still get elegance and artsy. Roberto Cavalli prescription glasses are the best choice for ladies who are aiming for a sexy and GLAMOROUS look this season!

3. Chopard

Featured: Limited Edition Chopard Sunglasses in 24K White Gold Plated - AVAILABLE at Piccadilly Eyewear

Chopard offers luxury sunglasses that are made with polarised lenses and frames made from the finest materials. It is your go-to brand if you are aiming for a SOPHISTICATED eyewear design coupled with excellent visual comfort. Chopard sunglasses are a perfect summer accessory for style-conscious women...

4. Just Eye Fashion

Summer is also the time when many people EXPERIMENT with their looks. It is when mix and pairing of textures, vibrant colours, materials, designs, and prints are seen most especially amongst the FASHIONISTAS. Summer is simply the time to be happy, active, and playful. One effective way to express these is through fashion. Just Eye Fashion understands this trend hence, their fresh, fun, and interchangeable temples system. Experience fashion freedom as you can mix and match frames and temples depending on what you want to wear. Just Eye Fashion has over 25 frame models available, each in 5 to 9 colours. Their range of temple options is amazingly at 200 different colour and style choices!!

5. ProGear Sports Eyewear

It is the best time to engage in sports, to workout, and to just be physically active. There will surely be heaps of outdoor activities that are in line for you this season. Wearing prescription glasses whilst being active can be such a hassle but not if you will go with a Pro Gear eyewear. Its AMAZING FEATURES cover all needs of prescription glasses wearers such as sweat and water resistance, non-allergenic and non-colourfading frame material, a removable neoprene band that enhances sports functionality, and even an earphone cable holder!

All of these brands and other trendy prescription glasses are available in store. Visit us at Shop 6 Piccadilly 210 Pitt St Sydney NSW 2000. We also offer an Eyewear Styling Consultation service which is done in 15 minutes only! Fast, easy, and reliable! For more information about Piccadilly Eyewear, visit www.piceyewear.com.

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