How to Care for Your Eyes During Summer

You know you have done your assignment very well when you’ve stocked in on sunscreen lotion for the entire summer. Caring for your skin against the harmful rays of the sun, after all, is one of our foremost considerations during this time of the year. But aren't you forgetting another important aspect of protecting yourself against cancer-causing ultraviolet rays?

Yes, your EYES. We need to protect our eyes from the sun too, not only during summer but all the time most especially when going outdoors. Not taking any steps towards shielding them from the sun might lead to a few eye problems including Intraocular Melanoma, Dry Eyes and Eye Strain. But wait, the sun isn’t the only health hazard that you will encounter out there. Here now are a few tips on how to keep your eyes healthy and protected whilst enjoying summer. Be sure to share this information with family and friends too!

1. Wear the right sunglasses

Have you heard the term PHOTOKERATITIS? It is also called ultraviolet keratitis or snow blindness. It is a painful eye condition brought about by overexposure to the sun and sometimes to artificial light sources like electric arcs and welding sparks. They are like flash burns, hurting the cornea and the conjunctiva. Common symptoms include pain, intense tears, eyelid twitching, discomfort from bright light, and constricted pupil.

You can avoid all of these by wearing the right pair of SUNGLASSES. It is best that you invest in one that has all the needed features most especially having 100% UV Protection! Check the label and always look for that or UV 400. If you need more tips on how to choose the perfect sunglasses, head on to one of our previous blogs to learn more.

2. Always wash your hands

As a general rule, always KEEP YOUR HANDS CLEAN. We rub our eyes with our hands or wipe away sweat and tears with them. With dirty hands, you increase the risk of contracting eye problems caused by harmful bacteria or viruses. One example is conjunctivitis or “pink eye”. It is when there is swelling of the conjunctiva, a thin transparent layer of tissue that lines the inner surface of the eyelid and covers the white part of the eye. When it gets infected, the whole eye becomes pink or red. Conjunctivitis can appear in one or both eyes.

And if you have conjunctiva, with unclean hands, you might be spreading it unknowingly to others. Stop the spread of disease by properly washing your hands with an antibacterial soap and water.

3. Use proper sports gear and protection

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Be sure to follow recommended sports gears and protection when participating in water sports or other activities this summer. For instance, when you need to take a dip, be sure to wear goggles as it protects you from exposure to chlorine, germs, and other bacteria that are present in the pool. Same as with snorkelling gears when you are to go out exploring the sea. You also cannot undermine the benefit that wearing a simple wide-brimmed hat could bring you. It can help minimise the risk of eyelid cancer as it helps shield your face from the sun.

4. Get enough sleep

Summer is such a busy time for most of us. We never seem to run out of activities, places to go to, increased digital activity (social media for one), and people to meet. These leave us with lesser shut-eye and with less sleep comes a barrage of health hazards. For our eyes, not getting enough sleep means increased chances of getting eye strain, dry eyes, or even decreased cognition on visual tasks. Hence, let yourself get up to 8 hours of sleep daily. Give your peepers enough time to rest and relax!

5. Eat a well-balanced diet

Be sure to include these in your diet: food that are rich in Vitamins A, C, and E, Lutein, Omega 3-Fatty Acids, and Zinc. Make your choices diverse by having greens, fruits, fish, and dairy in your everyday meals.

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