8 Interesting Eyewear Brands to Follow on Instagram

Instagram in Australia is massive! We are all one big nation of more than 9 million Aussies who are active users of this social networking site. The number of visual content, brands, and personalities that you can discover from it is enormous. If you are after food, fashion, tech, travel, crafts, name it… this is your haven. An eyewear fashion enthusiast? No worries. You’ve come to the right place as top eyewear brands are on Instagram as well. Here are some of the IG accounts that we follow for the latest and most stylish eyewear pieces today.

1. Ray-Ban|@rayban


Ray-Ban’s photos are like short stories unfolding in each post. All photos put together will form a big canvass that talks about a much bigger scenario. This is brand storytelling at its best and no one in the world of eyewear does it better than Ray-Ban. No wonder they have that much followers.

2. Frost Eyewear|@frosteyewear


Precision, attention to detail, and quality. These are all what their eyewear photos on Instagram are for this German brand. You’ll be hooked to browse again and again as there are different designs to choose from. Frost Eyewear offers a big collection of frames each designed to suit the unique personality of their clientele.

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3. Vogue Eyewear|@vogueeyewear


Ladies, this is one brand to follow on Instagram. It shouts nothing but FASHION and GLAM. Their posts are but a source of “outfit of the day” inspirations. If you consider yourself stylish and wants to stay on top of what’s trending when it comes to eyewear for women then this account is your go-to place.

4. Maui Jim | @officialmauijim


Maui Jim sunglasses are absolutely a beach lover’s best friend – polarized, colourful, and trendy. Maui Jim’s Instagram account is all about that but with a bonus. Their sunglasses are shot in lovely outdoor locations capturing breath-taking sceneries and nature at its best. Summer vibe is always on when you follow this brand.

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5. Shwood Eyewear|@shwoodshop


This is a “must follow” for nature lovers and advocates who are also eyewear enthusiasts. This brand’s story will surely blow you away – how they craft their eyewear and how each frame is derived from wood, seashells, metals, and other unique materials that are found in our natural surroundings.

6. AM Eyewear|@ameyewear


AM Eyewear is an all-Australian brand that specialises in unique hand-crafted frames, the ones that are hard to find locally. The high-quality eyeglass frames that are featured on their Instagram were each designed and decorated by artists.

7. Ronit Furst|@ronitfursteyewear


This Insta has the most colourful photos amongst eyewear brands and it’s all because of their hand-painted frames. Wearing a Ronit Furst is art in itself, as each piece are meticulously painted and coated - either shiny crystal of sandy matte. You’ll see all of these when you follow the brand.

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8. Pacifico Optical|@pacificooptical


Follow their Insta and you’ll probably think that their sunglasses are all pricey. Pacifico Optical boasts of high-quality sunglasses at an affordable price! They are an Aussie brand too so expect location shots taken at familiar spots like beaches and other local destinations!

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