2018 Eyeglass Styling Tips for Men

Men who wear eyeglasses are usually stereotyped as:








There is definitely nothing wrong with these descriptions but what if you want to project a different character? What if you want to show a stylish new you but think that your eyeglasses are making you look otherwise? Guys, here is the answer. Wearing eyeglasses is alright most especially if you have been advised by your optometrist to do so. But, there are a lot of factors that come into play to be able to show a better look while donning a pair of specs. You don’t need to be a celebrity or a model to rock eyeglasses. All you need are a few simple styling tips and you’ll be feeling great wearing a pair in no time!

1. Consider your hair colour

Let’s start from the top, shall we? Hair colour and the colour of the frames of your eyeglasses should complement each other. They may go the same colour or go opposite ways – there is no definite rule so long as you feel good about your look. Though here are a few patterns that you can try:

  • Brunettes may opt for grey, dark brown, dark blue, or dark green.

  • Blondes can go for darker frames like maroon, green, black, or purple.

  • Black raven-haired men may opt for lighter shades like white, nude, or light blue frames.

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2. Let your face guide you

Finding the perfect frame is as easy as checking your face shape. Here are a few points to remember:

  • Square – Try narrow frame styles to soften out a very strong and defined jawline.

  • Round – This time you’ll need an angular frame to add structure to your circular face.

  • Oval – Avoid circular frames and instead go for rectangular ones.

  • Diamond – You need to avoid frames that are wide because you already have a large ear-to-ear width.

Lastly, the size of the frame itself should be proportionate to the size of your face. Not too large that it takes all the attention away from the face and becomes an attraction on its own.

3. Go Retro Minimalist

Retro minimalism means the marriage between old fashion styles and minimalism. But how is that when you know that retro eyeglasses are the ones with thick frames and lenses? How can those be simplified? Don’t fret. Retro here refers to the pairing of the materials used back then like metal and acetate and transforming them into minimal and sleeker eyewear designs. The result is still that clean, slim, and light eyewear piece that most men favour now.

Also, do not be afraid to experiment on vintage. You will see a lot of ladies donning a pair of cat-eye eyeglasses so, go ahead and sport that double-bridged specs too!

4. Transparent yet still colourful

You may have started seeing people who wear eyeglasses with transparent frames but still with a little bit of colour – grey, green, sky blue, and red for men. That is because this style is another one that is starting to make waves this 2018. It goes with the minimal look without completely losing its fun and playful appeal.

5. Mix and match

Do not be hesitant to try out different types of eyeglasses! There is no stopping you either from owning a variety of pieces that you feel comfortable wearing. Experiment until you find out the pair that best suits your own style and personality.

6. Wear it with confidence

Nothing works best than confidence worn over your chosen outfit along with your chosen eyewear. This is the secret that many celebrities have – they own the look! Feeling comfortable and feeling good while wearing your eyeglasses will absolutely give you that extra glow which other people will surely notice!

We hear your eyewear styling woes. If there are still more that you want to ask us regarding finding the perfect pair for you, email our team at piceyewear6@gmail.com. You can also quickly book an Eyewear Styling Consultation HERE. It only takes 15 minutes!

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