7 Makeup Hacks for Ladies Wearing Eye Glasses

If you are like most women who wear eyeglasses, then you have probably got your own share of style mishaps and boo-boos. There are just some days when you feel like your eyeglasses are either making you look old, boring, or dull. Or, you simply aren’t feeling that confidence that you need to go outside and to mingle about. What should you do when you need those specs to see clearly?

Ladies, first, you are not alone. Second, you are not helpless. There are ways to upgrade your look and it doesn’t involve leaving those much-needed prescription glasses at home. You only need a dash of makeup! We’ve compiled a few easy makeup hacks that you can do on your own. Read along and be on your way to a stylish new you whilst donning your eyeglasses!

1. Get your tools ready, ladies!

There is a lot that you can buy but here are the essentials. First, a nice mirror where you can see your whole face clearly and properly. For someone who has vision issues, it is best that you work on a bigger mirror for it'll be hard to view everything on those pocket ones.

Next, get small brushes and applicators that you can fit in a purse. Take them on the go with you so that you’ll be able to re-apply your makeup should you need to when you’re out and about. Lastly, get concealers, face powders, eyebrow kit, mascara, and your favourite eyeshadow colours.

2. Defined brows instantly make you polished

Yes, they do! Well-groomed and nicely shaped brows can work wonders. How? Because they help you define the frame of your face. The shape of your eyebrows should match the shape of your face, just as how you would choose your eyeglass frame. You can DIY with a pair of tweezers or have them done professionally in an eyebrow grooming salon.

Next stop is defining your brows a bit more using an eyebrow pencil, a powder, or a gel version of it. There are several eyebrow products to choose from but just go with the one that you are comfortable in using. Practice until you get your desired eyebrow shape and look.

3. Say goodbye to dark undereye circles

Sleep-deprived? Tired? Too stressed? There are just some days when those dark undereye circles come around and wearing eyeglasses aren’t doing any help in hiding them. They even tend to bring more attention to those dark spots!

Grab your concealer, ladies. You only need to put a small amount for you wouldn’t want to overdo it. Using your ring finger, dab and pat dots of your concealer to the affected area. Blend until it matches the colour of the area around the dark circles. Coat with a thin layer of face powder or foundation.

However, makeup may not be the only secret to totally saying goodbye to dark undereye circles. Always try to get the right amount of snooze and rest. You will also need to drink lots of water and eat lots of fruits and veggies to make sure that your skin is well hydrated and nourished.

4. Dare to experiment

When it comes to eyeshadows, you are never limited to use a shade that is the same as the colour of the frame of your eyeglasses. If you are wearing eyeglasses with dark frames, go and use nude, pastel, or bright colours for your eyes. There are no rules so why stick to a few colours only? Do not be afraid to try out different colours, wear them with confidence, and people will see the beauty right through those lenses.

5. Which mascara to use?

Definitely volumizing mascaras, those that make your Lashes fuller and thicker. Avoid lengthening mascaras, they will just bump on to your eyeglasses. Make sure that your choice is smudge-proof, water-proof, or clump-free. You don’t want any black smudge or paint getting to your eyeglasses’ lenses, right?

6. Coloured contact lenses for that added glam

You can also try this trick. Get a 15-minute contact lens consultation with us and we’ll help you find a pair that suits your style. Book HERE.

7. A touch of colour on the lip and on the cheeks

To complete the look, apply your favourite cheek colour working on the cheek bone area brushing upward towards the temple. Start with soft dabs to make sure that you don’t apply too much. Finally, top the look with a lippie. You can go bright red to signify confidence or you can go the season’s favourite - glossy and shimmery, nude, pink, or orangey.

Not a makeup gal? No worries. You only need the perfect pair of eyeglasses. No need to stick to those unflattering ones.

We will help you find a more stylish one!

Book an eyewear styling consultation today HERE

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