6 Fabulous Eyewear Styling Tips for Women 35 and Over

One thing dreaded by women when they reach their mid-30s? It is the likelihood that they will wear eyeglasses. It is the fear of looking old and boring. Well maybe in the past, women surrendered to that idea. That if being more mature and experienced meant looking that way, then so be it.

But, women do not live in that world anymore. Women now are empowered, bold, and are driven by purpose! Their age is not one to set any limits on what they can do. When it comes to fashion and to their personal style, there are no set rules. There are just a few basic tips though that could help bring back that youthful glow, even hide or shave off some hints about their age. Same goes for eyewear styling. Choosing the right pair will certainly help a lot. Let us look into a few eyewear styling tips for women 35 years and over!

1. Avoid dark and thick frames

These types of frames are a thing of the past. They are “in” decades ago but with the range of options that are available, women will have lots to choose from these days. Coloured frames will reflect light while dark ones will cast shadows on to your eyes. Just check out one of our previous blogs about eyewear trends this 2018. The trends that you will read there are screaming colourful, new, thin, and lightweight frames!

2. Blue frames for blue eyes

This is clearly colour coordinating and it works because it makes those blue eyes stand out. Blue is also the colour of the sea and the sky, therefore, it, has that calming and relaxing effect. It also suggests youthfulness and overflowing energy. It would be good to have these effects work their charm on your eyes. It is also nice that when it comes to blue, there are several shades that you can choose from – royal blue, light blue, pastel, and many more.

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3. Safe but not boring. Glamourous but not overdoing it!

There is always that risk of overdoing things. Chances are, you wear your eyeglasses to work, at home, during night outs, during meet-ups with friends, everywhere. So, choose one that is on the safe side but is not too boring. You can still go glam with those tiny embellishments, with cat-eye frames, or retro ones. Young people can go edgy, you certainly can too but make sure it serves the purpose of both style and most importantly, function.

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4. Black yet funky

Now, this is tricky. Earlier, we said avoid dark and thick frames. But here come black frames. Did we get you confused? Don’t be. The key is in the shape of the frame. You should always choose one that matches the shape of your face – oval, square, heart-shaped, or round. There are a lot of fun frames out there like – cat-eyes, over-sized, round, rectangular, retro, and many more.

5. Match it on the occasion!

Eyeglasses are a fashion accessory same time that it is an eye care tool too. If you are one that invests in accessories - owning different types of watches, jewellery, scarves, bags, and shoes and donning each one depending on the occasion or activity, then you can do the same too for your eyeglasses. You can have one for work, one for regular use at home, one for formal events, or one for outdoor activities! You can ask your optometrist what frames and lenses will best suit each purpose.

6. Barely there

If you are aiming to go for an eyewear that is almost unnoticeable, go for thin and lightweight eyeglasses. They have very thin frames and lenses. The frames are usually made of metal in gold or in silver. They are the perfect type if you are always mobile as you can wear them along as you go about your day. They are comfortable, simple, but elegant.

What are your own go-to eyewear styling tips?

Share some with us and we might just feature them in our future eyewear blogs! Meanwhile, should you need any help in choosing the right pair for you, book a visit to our store for an Eyewear Styling Consultation.

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