10 Amazing Facts About Our Eyes!

Have you paid close attention to your eyes lately? Have you wondered how sensitive yet beautiful this body part is? The human eye is one complex structure and it functions in many marvellous ways to let us appreciate our surroundings, recognise objects and people, do our daily activities, and many more. Yet, we often neglect our eyes’ health leading to some vision issues which could be prevented through early detection and proper eye care. Hopefully by knowing more about our eyes that we can get a clear picture of how we can better care for them. Here are some amazing facts for you today:

1. The eyes are one of the first body parts to develop in embryo. At six weeks after conception, structures necessary for the development of the eyes start to grow. At nine weeks, they are developed but the eyelids are still closed.

2. Newborns’ eyes don’t produce tears. Babies are notorious for frequently crying for several minutes and just as you may have noticed how good they are in making crying sounds, you’ll be amazed to find out that their eyes don’t produce any tears at all! This is because their tear ducts aren't fully developed yet and won't be until they reach 1 to 3 months old.

3. Watery eyes or excessive tearing could be a sign of an underlying eye issue or other health problems. It can be caused by blocked tear ducts, over-production of tears, an infection, or allergies. It is best to have an eye check up for it to be properly diagnosed. Book an exam here.

4. Brown is the most common eye colour. Over 50% of the world's population has brown eyes which has a darker tone, therefore, they are sometimes seen as black. The colour of the eyes is determined by two main factors: the pigmentation of the eyes’ iris (the presence of melanin in your iris), and the way in which light is scattered through in the iris. You also need to factor in genes.

5. Your eye’s colour can change! But just a little bit, most of the time. This is because the iris when it contracts, changes the size of the pupil. This movement scatters or compresses the pigment in the iris, which is one factor in determining your eye colour. A few people also experience a change in their eye colour because of age but know that there are some eye diseases that cause such change. Some are pigmentation glaucoma, Fuchs uveitis syndrome, or Horner’s Syndrome. Ask us more about these eye diseases through email.

6. The eye muscle is the busiest muscle in the body! So busy that it can move up to 10,000 times a day! Blinking alone causes the eye muscles to get into so much action. The average number of blinks that we do in a minute is about 15 to 20. That will give you 1,200 in an hour or around 28,800 blinks in one day!

7. Having 20/20 vision is not an excuse to skip an eye exam. A 20/20 vision means that you can see clearly from 20 feet away. This is usually determined in a visual acuity test which is part of a comprehensive eye exam. However, this does not mean that you are excused from getting regular eye exams. Eye exams also check for other eye diseases and vision issues. Your eyes’ health also suggests other underlying health issues which could prompt your optometrist to refer you to a specialist.

8. Our eyes are made up of 2 million working parts! So complex!

9. The eyes contribute to 85% of a person’s knowledge. That is why it is a top parenting practice to expose children to different environments, books, photos, toys, tools, and activities. The more they see, experience, read, and play, the more it is that they are able to absorb information during the crucial early years of life. It is important too that children get regular eye check-ups to identify any potential risk to their eyes’ health. Book an appointment for your child today.

10. There are about 180 million visually impaired people worldwide. 40 to 45 million are blind. 80% of the cases of these blind people should have been prevented through early detection and proper management. Do not let yourself, a loved one, or a friend be part of this statistics. Be proactive by getting regular and comprehensive eye exams.

It is just fascinating to learn about these facts about our eyes. There are certainly more and we will be surely covering more of them in our succeeding blogs.

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