Top Eyewear Trends to Follow this Autumn

It is not too late to get in that Autumn vibe by following a few top eyewear trends that came out this season. Have you updated your accessories already? Have you shifted to a new eyewear piece? Let us get the ball rolling by reviewing top eyewear style picks that you could follow.

1. Colours!

Colours are big factors to consider when styling from one season to another. For autumn, we know that the dominant colours are brown, orange, red, yellow, and sometimes, a little hint of purple, blue, and even black. This means, you can play around eyewear frames that are in these colours – not too loud, not too bright, just the right earthy-warm hues to complement your autumn getup. These frame colours from Maui Jim are just perfect!

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2. Thick/Solid Frames

Autumn accessories are not only a prelude to your winter wardrobe but most are usually wearable up until the next season. To go with thick clothing like jackets, coats, turtleneck tops, and knitted pieces, are eyeglasses or sunglasses with thick frames. They may be round or square ones, but big thick frames will definitely get your style in check with what’s “in” this time of the year

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3. Retro Look

2018 is all about retro and vintage, and it has come out as trendy regardless of the season. This just goes to show that retro is timeless and is here to stay for a little bit more. Retro gives that playful feel and suggests creativity that is why it is a trend favoured by many young and stylish people. For autumn, you might want to go with retro shapes like cat-eye frames which are all the rave for women; or the minimalist retro brow line for men.

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4. Minimalist Look

If you are not a fan of the retro style, don't worry because simple is also good most especially if you are donning thick and heavy clothing. Minimal accessories including your eyewear will balance out your overall look. Minimalist style eyewear includes eyeglasses with thin metal frames or those with thin and clear lenses. Here are a few of the latest from our collection

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Elegance and sophistication in these feather light frames with superior quality for that minimalistic look.

5. Metal, Plastic, Wired or Wooden Frames

There are a lot of materials that you can choose from and all should be good this autumn. Consult your optometrist on how to mix and balance materials versus colour, the shape of your frames along with the right lens type. Book an eyewear styling consultation now.

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6. Clear Lenses

Clear lenses go well with either retro or minimal-style frames this season. They are also good to neutralise the seasonal brown, orange, yellow, or red frame colours. Go for thin, lightweight, and simple. The final look is going to be comfortable, clean, but classy. View some of our Boz & JF Rey eyeglasses using clear lenses here.

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